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Marketing & E-Marketing Services

E-Mail Marketing

   This the most cost-effective means of marketing; e-blasts,

e-greetings, and e-newsletters – all customized to your business needs.  

Marketing Planning & Management

   Rather than responding to low sales with a poorly thought out promotion, let us plan a coordinated campaign spanning a couple of years. You customers will notice the increased professionalism and you’ll notice increased traffic.


Print Media Design

   Business cards, menus, table tents, sales brochures all printed media. Our art department can handle the design and production of these materials that represent your business.


Social Media

   Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs, etc. Do you understand them or have time to use them to promote your business? We do! And we can make them work seamlessly with the rest of your marketing efforts.


Special Events & Promotions

   There are thousands of “holidays” and special events every year, from one-day event to month-long festivals. Let us help you select those that can be used to promote your business and help you plan and execute the celebrations.



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