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Management Advisory Services

Allergen & Dietary Consulting

   More than 12 million American have life-threatening food allergies. Our registered clinical dietician can provide menu and recipe consulting and staff training to avoid food allergy issues.

Budgeting & Profit Planning


   Without a realistic budget to go by, businesses are at the mercy of the economic environment. We can prepare budgets that give your business a realistic roadmap for operations and results.  

Cost Control & Profit Enhancement


   If your costs are not where they should be, Wheelwright Consultants can provide consulting to plug holes to reduce costs and improve profitability.


Energy & Facilities Management

   You have a significant investment in the physical structure of your business, one that makes a lasting impression on your guests. We can provide advice on how to maintain your facility more effectively, often while reducing energy use and costs.


Environmental Action & Green Management

   One of the newest trends in business is becoming more environmentally sensitive. Wheelwright can provide consulting to lower your carbon footprint, reduce energy costs, and put more green in your business.


Human Resources

   Your employees are a unique resource that only you have. Wheelwright can provide programs so that you attract and retain the best, develop them to their potential, and avoid regulatory problems.


Lifestyle Enhancement

   Do you have the time to do what you want to do? Are you spending as much time with those you love as you want to? If not, you may find that our life coach can help you clarify your priorities and rearrange your life to make you more fulfilled, more satisfied, and happier.


Mystery Shopping


   Do you know what really goes on in your business? How your customers actually experience it? Let our experienced managers fill you in on what they experienced.




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