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We can hep you with all your labeling needs:

All food produced and packed for sale must meet certain State and Federal labeling requirements.
Label requirements vary depending upon the volume of product produced but generally include:

  • Product Name
  • Ingredients
  • Product Weight
  • Handling Information
  • Statements about Perishability
  • Name and Address of Packer or Distributor
  • Portion Size
  • Nutritional Information
  • Food Allergen Information

There can be requirements related to the size of type that the information is printed in.
Wheelwright Consultants can handle both your nutritional analysis and label design.

Nutrition Analysis

This is a database analysis of nutrient content with FDA compliant Nutrition Facts Label for product using the finalized recipe. Includes Ingredient Statement (FDA compliant) and Allergen Statement (FALCPA compliant) for labels.



Nutrition Analysis Only: 



Design Services

Company Logo Design 


Includes 2 initial options and up to 2 revisions. 

Product Label Design 


Includes 2 initial options and up to 2 revisions.  

Product Photography 


Client is given a disk with photos to be used for marketing.


Co-Packer Location Assistance 

Often times it makes the most sense to have an existing food processing facility produce your product for you. This is referred to as "co-packing". We have identified a number of food processors who are interested in and capable of co-packing different products. We can help you find the correct one and meet all their requirements (some will require biological testing for shelf-life before they can be co-packed).

Billed on an hourly basis. 


Recipe Development 

With our extensive culinary experience, we can help you standardize your production recipes so that your product is consistent. We can also develop recipes using your product(s) to help your customers understand how to use them and perhaps to use them more often! 

Billed on an hourly basis. 


Web Site Development 

Basic Website 


Includes: Design(up to 5 pages), 2 email addresses, and Search Engine Optimization(5 phrases) 

Intermediate Website 


Includes:  Design(up to 5 pages), 5 email addresses, Backstage Content Management, Social Media Links, a Search Engine Friendly slide show, Email Contact Form, and Search Engine Optimization(5 phrases)





Whether it's Facebook or Email marketing, the Internet is a powerful marketing tool for any company these days. Let us help you navigate the world of Internet marketing with our services that include:

Social Media Branding: 

$75.00 - $150.00 

Social Media Planning: 


Social Media Implementation: 

$30.00 - $60.00/week 

Email Marketing 

Billed based on services and address volume 


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